Summer is here and well....on its way out and I find it espically hard to fit everything in this time of year. Winter time cuts down the amount of extra stuff to do by half or more so it lets me have time to go into my "dungeon" as i call it and make more product.

This past weekend I squeezed some time in to make up a few items that were out of stock and to produce examples of some somewhat seasonal things i would like to try and sell.  It is a good time of year to work with beach glass and since live right on Lake Erie beach glass is readily accessible. I got some cute fish shaped wood bowls done and a few other things that i added beach glass too.  Of course this was all between house work, yard work, farm work, canning produce from the garden and the 100 other things going on this time of year. 

I also started a listing on my Etsy page call "One offs" I play around with alot of ideas to see what i like, or have containers for candles that are unique and cannot be bought wholesale and i always feel like someone may be missing out on something that really catches there eye, but I dont want to pay to list each of these items individually, so i am trying out the idea of this listing to see how it goes and if it gets any traffic. I have alot of unique one of a kind items and they are great to fill your table with at a craft show, but i havent had great luck finding shows that are cost effective and bring the traffic i need to make sales and plus if you havent heard me complain enough already i will tell you again hooooowwww busy i am this time a year so it makes it hard to dedicate a whole weekend away at a craft show.

At any rate, that is what i am up too just trying to keep up until the snow piles up and im forced to go into the dungeon for the winter with my trusty not so helpul candle assistane Luna the cat, who now is joined by Lucky her brother who also likes to climb my legs while im pouring hot wax 🤦🏻‍♀️🐈