So if you go to my website or etsy store page you can certainly read about me and what I do... but i thought I would tell you the idea behind it. 

I am a little scattered right now and i am making a little bit of everything pretaining to the candle and wax melt world, but the idead behind starting a small business was that thing that people aways say when they dont know what to get someone. 

" I have no idea what to get him/her, maybe I will get them a candle"

I think we have probably all been there before either recieving the generic candle gift or giving it. Dont get me wrong obviously i love a good smelling candle, but sometimes it seems like not alot of thought was put into the gift. 

So here was my big idea what if you wanted to get someone something but you didnt know what or you didnt know alot about them, but you knew enough to make it a little personal, I.E  i have a co-worker who bought a new house or they are leaving for another job.... What do i get them? So if you work with them you know what they do. Say you are nurses i cand make you wax melts that are nurse themed or a container candle . I guess what I am trying to say is that I am trying to make the not so personal gift just a little bit more special and personal, but of course alot of things I make arent just for people you dont know what to get, but for people you know just what to get when you see something on my page. 

What about that weird friend that is obssed with the new avocado toast craze... I got a candle for that! How about your girlfirends who you love to have margaritas with... I got a candle for that. What if you want to decorate your own home with some beautiful rustic farmhouse decor? I got it! At the end of the day  I am just trying to make personal items that jump out to people because they are unique and meet their needs.