WoW! So this is my first full year having my small business online, and it has been a little crazy. Foremost I am so happy for the business and cant belileve the positive response I have gotten to my items and my shop. 

I have not written in awhile because I have been finding my way through a difficult time in my life. In September I unexpectantly lost the love of my life and I have been trying to get back on my feet without him. Rhett was truly a wonderful person and the one who inspired me to start my small business. 

Staring in Nov. I have had a rush of business and I feel that this is Rhett trying to keep me busy and keep me focused. Everyone feels the pressure of the holidays so much to get done and a small time to do it in, and i feel the same way. Working full time, keeping up with holiday traditions, and making candles has certianly kept me busy and i have been astonished at the amount of items i have sold, I never expected to be this busy, selling on Etsy with so many creative people, it is just some times hard to make your product stick out, but I am finding my way slowly. 

If you are reading this and are a custmer, thank you so much for your support, it has been the true goal of this business to allow people to find something personal and that may have meaninig to give to someone they love or to keep and enjoy themselves. As i make my way through sea of orders I hope i can provide that same quality to every item i make and that the person purchasing it loves what they get. As the year is fast coming to a close I can look back and say "what a year", it has been the hardest i hope I ever have to go through, but making candles has kept me going and i know that is what Rhett would want and i hope i bring that joy to everythig I make even through the hustle of the holiday season. 

Happy Holidays!